Animal Trainer

Welcome back as always. We’ve got more of Rocco Siffredi and his sexual adventures here for the afternoon and you just have to check this one out as well. There’s a new pair that wants to show off and they are juicy little beauties with some love for anal pleasure. Well Rocco got to pick them up at the beach side as the two were out for a stroll and they seem overly happy to get to have some anal sex for the afternoon. It seems that RoccoSiffredi is quite recognizable by these two, and it seems that his reputation proceeds him. Anyway, let’s watch him fuck these two ladies nice and hard too and let’s get the hot and sexy show going!

The scene takes place at the babe’s apartment and you can bet that they made sure to lock the door. They want to make sure that nothing’s going to disturb them getting a nice and hard anal plowing this afternoon and with that being said, they make quick work of the guy’s clothes. meanwhile they get to either remove their own or just pull down those panties for easy access to their pussies. Either way, check them out bending over for Rocco and then see him taking turns to fuck them both from behind while he alternates. It’s a sexy scene and make sure to check out every single image in this gallery here today. Have fun and see you next week with another brand new show and more anal sex!


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