Rocco Siffredi – Italian Style

Welcome back. There’s more new and juicy threesomes to see here with Rocco Siffredi and more lovely babes. You get to watch the guy get down and dirty with another pair of cuties and they could not be more happy to get to have his cock all evening long here today. You see, the main man went to a party and these fine babes with their glamorous costumes were pretty horny already. So they got to go to a private office in the bulding where they could enjoy some peace and quiet while riding RoccoSiffredi ‘s cock. Let’s just get the show going as you are about to see the guy fuck these two sluts balls deep for the scene. And it’s one that you just have to see!


Well, the part where the three meet is not really important. You get to see them finding the room they need to throw down and once there, the babes let mr Siffredi take off their panties and lick those eager pussies while they start to moan. And after getting them all nice and wet, Rocco was all set to give those cunts a good plowing. And their asses as well. Either way, sit back and watch him fucking them from behind for the whole duration of this genuinely sensual show. As per usual we have to take our leave for now, but we’ll bring you much more to see next week, so all you need to do is drop by and check it out everyone!

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